Who we are

Magic Bullet is a full service online marketing and media agency that is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria, Gauteng. Since the company’s foundation, it has planned, designed and successfully launched websites for a wide range of different businesses all over southern Africa. Our client’s websites constantly receive great rankings on search engines such as Google due to our careful utilisation of Web HostingWeb DesignSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Google AdWords Management.

The phrase “Magic Bullet” can be likened to the legendary ‘Silver Bullet’, which in folklore is reputed to be the only way of eliminating a werewolf, an incurable disease and a vampire! In a similar manner, Magic Bullet is a way of eliminating your online marketing / media problems, and replacing them with the perfect solution.

If you have to use one word to describe our culture, it would be: ‘Passionate‘. We are very passionate about the work we do and take enormous pride in the websites we design and develop. Our ethos is one of integrity and excellence.  We do everything to promote our clients’ organisations by enhancing their Internet presence.

We consistently aim to present our clients with the best possible solutions regarding their Internet individuality. If there is not a perceptible solution to a given scenario, our team of experts will come up with something affordable,  which will also result in good returns on their investment.


Magic Bullet at a glance

Magic Bullet aspires to improve business productivity by providing Consultancy services for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) ,  this includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate to enhance the capability of solutions in areas such as Document Understanding and Email analysis.



Magic Bullet’s mission is to help improve productivity for businesses across the South Africa.

Magic Bullet’s ethos can be summarised as People, Passion and Dreams.

  • People – Magic Bullet’s staff are the company’s principal asset, they have all of the human strengths of Determination, Courage, Commitment, Loyalty, Inspiration and Flexibility, as well the human frailities of sickness, stress, etc.
  • Passion – Magic Bullet’s staff have a passion for UiPath technology with which they work and truly believe it can be effectively deployed to benefit business. They would like to be able to energise others with the capabilities of UiPath technology.
  • Dreams  Our staff share the dream of building a better consultancy by helping our clients businesses grow through better productivity delivered with UiPath software.

Built with SEO in mind

As another core fundamental of the platform, Joomla comes SEO ready, including built-in SEO parameters and functions designed to outperform your competitors.



Magic Bullet has been founded on a well-defined set of Ethics and Values which are summarised below:

For Staff

  • Equal opportunity for all with no discrimination on sex, ethnic background or age
  • Development of staff through training and assignment experience
  • Honesty and Trust are fundamental
  • Determination and commitment are essential for success
  • Understanding and Compassion are important Human qualities


For Clients

  • Staff will act with total Integrity
  • Staff will provide advice on an impartial basis
  • Staff will deliver the service in a Professional manner

A range of services

Magic Bullet offers a range of services from Consulting, Application development and managed services to professional services that are underpinned by experience, knowledge, proven methodologies, global talent and innovation. We deliver products and solutions that are customised to our clients needs within a scaled Agile framework leading to increased service and improved quality of outputs.

Magic Bullet is an established software development company specialising in the agile development of web and mobile applications, With the skills of our dedicated technical team we help businesses large and small integrate technologies to suit their business needs.

As an established software development company, our experience in complex development projects spans across a number of industries including gaming, sport, wholesale, robotics, retail, construction and property.

At Magic Bullet we place a strong focus on building a strong collaborative partnership with your business in order to develop a strong understanding of your business model, operations and your people. Building this relationship will ensure that everything we build clearly aligns with your business objectives.

When you work with Magic Bullet you get:

  • Access to an amazing team of Software Developers, Testers, Designers and Project Managers
  • Excellent track record of delivering projects on time and within budget
  • Total transparency about projections, ability, deliverables, and costs
  • Exceptional communication throughout your project
  • Complete package that includes a Project Manager and a Quality Assurance specialist with every engagement

A Look at Our Web Development Services

Magic Bullet strives to work within the bounds of:

  • Open communication with our clients;
  • Always delivering a first-class service to our clients;
  • Complete dedication to our clients;
  • Keeping our prices competitive;
  • Working within ethical business practices;
  • Keeping a close watch on industry trends;
  • To adapt to the ever-changing Internet milieu;

We focus our design and development entirely on Drupal. We consistently produce quality websites that are visually appealing and search engine friendly. We will provide you with all the services you need, and deliver them in a solution that is aesthetically pleasing, technically correct, and should meet all your business requirements.

Our unassailable position in the market place was achieved by our ability to optimise Drupal websites for clients in such a way that they rank higher on the search engines, thus ensuring a greater number of hits. Because of our excellent track record, many of our new clients have been referred to us by our existing clients.

Our clients come from a wide variety of industries. They range from small businesses, new companies and large corporations that require a much more versatile web application. We can design, develop and deliver a website that ranges in size from small local business right up to a large multinational web portal to manage millions of hits per day. As technology progresses, so does the number and variety of solutions to your Internet dilemma. Magic Bullet approaches each client’s situation with an open mind and  keeps a close watch on the latest technology. When clients engage us they do so knowing and expecting that Magic Bullet will remain 100% committed to their cause, to deliver an effective system to surpass their expectations, on time and within budget.

Our prime objective is to build a mutual beneficial and ongoing relationship with each of our clients. You are sincerely invited to contact us to arrange a free, face-to-face consultation. The technical and functional expertise of our staff, when combined with our wide-range knowledge of the IT industry, leaves Magic Bullet as the only logical choice as a partner. We will assign a dedicated person to you  who will be your  contact, and with his extensive knowledge of the Internet and the latest technological breakthroughs, will guide you through the full range of possibilities available for your new website.