Business Consulting


Practical business expertise

Magic Bullet has a variety of practical business expertise that we draw upon from our experience of helping clients transform. After a long and successful track record of helping our clients with the design of the target operating model, the transition plan to achieve it and the execution of those plans into delivery and sustainable continuous improvement, we are pleased to be able to bring these advisory services to the market.

Our consultancy services are both highly pragmatic and outcome-orientated based on real-world experience of consulting and delivery. We use a blend of consultants and delivery experts to ensure that our services offer value-adding advice that we know works in delivery. We won’t suggest an option we know cannot be delivered.

More efficient and profitable organisations

Step-by-step improvement planning

Clients seek support at a number of stages in their thought process and we’ve designed our portfolio to align to these needs. From initial health-checks and maturity assessments we can validate whether your operations are as good as they could be, or simply as good as you need them to be. If not, we can define sensible step-by-step roadmaps for improvement to take you to the next stage.

We can run Enhanced Lean Improvement plans aimed at re-engineering elements of your process, including upstream value stream mapping, and at embedding a strong culture of continuous improvement in service delivery across the organisation. Our Lean Robotics consultancy service delivers process re-engineering to maximise the benefits of Robotics Process Automation technologies which, in turn, enable your organisation to focus on value-adding activities.

Our experience tells us a people-centric approach is key to successful service delivery. To support this, our portfolio of services includes business change management activities creating effective communication and stakeholder engagement strategies to ensure everyone is bought in. To further support change and innovation in service delivery we also offer a training strategy consultancy service helping you to develop your training strategy for the growth and development of your people.