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Business process automation (BPA) is the automation of complex business processes and functions beyond conventional data manipulation and record-keeping activities, usually through the use of advanced technologies. It focuses on “run the business” as opposed to “count the business” types of automation efforts and often deals with event-driven, mission-critical, core processes. BPA usually supports an enterprise’s knowledge workers in satisfying the needs of its many constituencies.

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More efficient and profitable organisations

We analyse, optimise and redesign the critical processes of organisations in order to create more efficient and profitable businesses. We cover corporate sectors as well as industrial sector processes.





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How do we help our clients?

The concept of business process automation refers to the combination of different methodologies and technologies that allow the efficient, end-to-end and automatic design, construction and implementation of business processes and operations. The objective of automating processes is to eliminate human-performed functions that are repetitive, error-prone, with high transaction volume and low value.

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Future-proofing your business

Our Process Transformation services are designed to bring your operations to a scalable, efficient, customer-focused environment. Our services position and future-proof your business for long-term growth and success.

Our approach uses proven methodologies to deliver customised solutions for your specific business objectives and strategies.


Process Transformation Strategy

Many businesses don’t know how to create an environment that focuses on customer experience.

Our transformation solutions are customer-centric, leveraging elements of design thinking and Agile modelling to transform your processes and daily operations.


Process Optimisation

Businesses find it hard to look at the processes and architecture behind their daily operations.

Our process optimisation and re-engineering service drives cycle-times down, quality up, and reduces waste. We apply business and technology intelligence to create scalable operational models that are both innovative, sustainable, and growth-oriented.


Operational Assessment

Before any transformational journey starts, you need to have a clear understanding of where your business is working well and where your biggest opportunities lie.

Our structured approach for baselining operations is a catalyst for transforming your business to exceed both customers’ and shareholders’ expectations.


Business Process Improvement (BPI)

The primary objective of BPI is to continuously improve the performance of the formal and informal processes within your organisation.

We will identify bottlenecks, friction, inefficiencies and other issues in your processes and then outline the steps to take corrective action.

Optimizing the Business

Business Process Optimization ''Discover Development in Holistic way''

Aims & Ambition of any Business Organization are always at the top of ‘Work & Success’ Pyramid. Any Organization without a plan & strategy is almost at the liquid Phase to carry ahead & manage the outcomes from Initiation stage to the execution stage. It’s time to move forward & take your Business to the next level of Solid Phase, which comes from the very first Process of Optimizing the Business & resolving the real time plus future redundancy. Why not to figure out what the Business Process Optimization is all about & how are we serving you the best of Business Process Optimizing services. Time to check out in detail about the technicalities of Business Process Optimization & channelize it further for your Growth, Enhancement & Appraisal.

Process Optimization is a very disciplined and adjusting set of parameters that are performed without violating few constraints, Minimizing cost & maximizing outputs & efficiency. Process optimization makes use of major quantitative tools in industrial decision making. When focusing specially at Business Process Optimization may it be for any Sector or Domain such as IT, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Management or Educational its major function is to increase Organizational Efficiency, Improving the Processes of daily challenges that arise. It emphasizes on Eliminating Redundancy, streamlining workflow, improving communication & forecasting changes. Rewards of Optimizing Business Processes are constant completion & instant feedback approach. Optimized Business Process offers benefits to businesses such as market Compliance, Streamlined operations, reduced Risks, Well utilized resources, consistency, assured Quality & end to end Visibility.

Steps involved for Business Process Optimization followed by our expert team of Project Managers & Program Managers are as follows:

Identify: Completely understand the Business & its services with solutions, make a proper Qualitative Chart from the same without missing any of the information.
Analyze: After taking in the complete details, make comparative analysis, brainstorm with the team to get best of the execution & future growth plans.
Implement: Final Execution of the Business Optimization takes in here, where major actions take place and large team is involved for making things done.
Monitor: Finally after the complete implementation it’s time for constant surveillance to the major activities that goes on. This stage is fully automated with latest technology that is used, sophisticated dashboard designed by the technical team
Business Process Optimisation24Business Process Optimization in real world is part of wide application like Business Process Improvement & Business Process Automation. Example of increased efficiency is while having Purchase Orders – with dedicated workflow management system that sends approval automatically. Employee On boarding – Communication in between the HR Team and IT Team, smooth & crystal Clear, with saving lot of time & manual efforts.

Amdhan is a Team of Project Management Experts who powers your Business Process Optimization efforts; automate the structured & unstructured process. We help in integrating other applications in use. Give real time insights, customizable dashboards – running smoothly on track. We carry Global Business Environment & acknowledge the importance of first to market, customer service, cost competitiveness, quality key factors of the organization. By our Business Process Optimization Services we bring to you ‘Product Lifecycle’ that benefits in terms of Superior Product Service, Cost effective new tools for Business Process Integration, Examine & pursue opportunities, reduces the cost & cycle times with increased service levels. We are concerned about Quality over efficiency. For us Voice of Customer is very first priority & thus we look after Customer Compliance database & make a rapport through direct contact when accepted & also follow indirect contact. Business Process Optimization is manageable with formalized, actionable information. Amdhan has always worked hard on – Cycle time Reduction, customer Service improvement, cost reduction, make the appropriate deliverables of – Process Maps, Time studies, Resource Assignments on time, Improve Quality with enhanced Process Consistency, Maintain Security & Make operations simplified.

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